Wasing Sanitary Ware, established in 2015, is a professional sanitary ware supplier. Our production base is located in Chaozhou, the porcelain capital of China, which integrates independent research, development, production, and sales of products, and has a complete and scientific quality management system. 

By introducing advanced production equipment, we have produced a wide range of ceramic basins and toilets, and selling to over 40 countries and regions, especially Europe and North America. With a complete management mode and stable product quality, we’ve passed ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification.

For over past years, we are committed to meet customers’ needs, and providing business solutions for markets, products, logistics, after-sales services, etc. With the strict implementation of quality management system standards, inspections throughout the production lines are essential, including raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, packaging. 

We take the interests of our partners as our priority and fulfill all our commitments earnestly and responsibly. We share our constant conviction while communicating with our partners. By offering a complete solution with diversification into sanitary wares, we believe in creating value through responding rapidly to market demands, cost-efficient operations and customer satisfaction. The high demand for product quality is not only our commitment to our customers, but also our natural constraint on the enterprise itself. 

Looking into the future, we will continue to design and manufacture better products and  build better sanitary product enterprise, to achieve the goal of a win-win future with global customers.

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our mission & vision

We are dedicated to making life easier for our customers and offer innovative solutions and ideas to enhance customers’ experiences. It is also necessary for us to provide the market with more affordable and environmentally friendly products and services.

Our quality control

Our high requirement for products’ quality is not only the commitment to our customers but also of the enterprise itself. Every product must pass the strict inspection of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, packaging, shipment before it is delivered to customers.

Our team

We are a very young and energetic team. Through the company’s good management system, our members can generate real motivation with their individuality, performance, clear cooperation and arrange each person to the right position to give full play to the collective potential.

Our Services

  • offering OEM and ODM as your requests
  • offering one-stop shopping with all kinds of bathroom sanitary ware products
  • helping to collect all your goods from other suppliers and arrange container loading
  • replying within 24 hours for any inquiry or quotation


1. Clay Pulping

Our raw materials are made of selected high-quality porcelain clay, which is made into mud by secret proportioning. This can ensure that our products are of high quality.

2. Moulding

Our production lines have high-pressure casting and slip casting. The daily output is more than 1000 units, which ensures the daily supply capacity.

3. First Time Drying

When the product is formed, it needs to be air-dried naturally or with the help of a fan to about 50%, which takes about half a day. And then proceed to the next step.

4. Modifying

After the product is air-dried, it needs to be modified, mainly to repair uneven edges and surfaces. After being handled by experienced workers, the product completed the first inspection in the production process.

5. Second Time Drying

This drying is to put the product in a place where there is a residual temperature of the kiln, and drying to about 70%. Make the following steps easier to operate.

6. Semi-finished Product Inspecting

This is the second inspection in the production process, which includes checking and cleaning. Mainly check for defects, such as pinholes, bubbles, etc. At the same time, the surface of the product will be cleaned with a sponge.

7. Glazing

The washbasin uses automatic glaze spraying equipment. The toilet uses manual glaze spraying, which ensures that it can also be sprayed inside the pipe. Our glaze makes the finished product easier to clean and does not change color.

8. Kiln Firing

After spraying the glaze, the products are neatly stacked in front of the kiln, which we called kiln loading. When firing, the highest temperature is 1280℃, so that the water absorption rate of product is less than 0.5%, which ensures that all products are porcelain.

9. Finished Product Inspecting

After the kiln is unloaded, the quality inspector will test the finished product. For basin, it is mainly checking the surface, edge, flatness. For the toilet, it is also necessary to check the flushing function. To ensure that the products we provide to our customers are qualified.

10. Storing

The products that pass the inspection will be placed in the warehouse as inventory. When the customer needs, packing and delivery will be arranged at any time to shorten the lead time.

11. Packing

Our regular packing is five-layer cartons. According to the needs of different customers, we can customize cartons with logos or brands or make pallets as required.

12. Loading

No matter which kind of packing is adopted, we can ensure that the products are in good condition. When loading containers, workers will load more goods and ensure safety according to experience.

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