How To Choose The Right Supplier?

It is well-konwn that China is one of the largest exporters globally. Lots of foreign buyers import the products they need from Chinese suppliers. In China, there’re numerous large and small suppliers, including manufacturers, traders and agents, etc.

However, how can foreign importers choose their own suppliers? I think the following points can be used as reference:

1. According to the buyer’s product ranges and market positioning.
Generally, buyers promote products that are familiar to them or to meet the market demand. As for market positioning, it can be divided into low-grade, mid-grade and high-grade. They can lock in the scope of suppliers more accurately only by determining their own product and market positioning.

2. According to the buyer’s purchasing requirements and needs.
Many buyers have their own procurement process, especially large companies. When evaluating the qualifications, scale and other conditions of supplier, many unquilified ones can be sifted out. Some buyers are doing projects or seasonal promotions, their purchasing needs will be affected by project progress or seasons.

3. According to supplier’s advantages, which is the most important.
There’re plenty of criteria for judging a supplier, such as quality, price, service, differentiation, added value, etc. When buyers are seeking for suppliers, they can learn more about the information they need from their websites, catalogs, and communication processes.

QUALITY: Judging whether it meets the buyer’s own standards by means of samples, market certification, and factory inspection, etc.

PRICE: Find out whether it is within the buyer’s budget through the supplier’s quotation.

SERVICE: Whether the supplier’s communication and follow-up is efficient and professional enough, and whether the buyer can accept the delivery date, payment method, after-sales service, etc.

DIFFERENTIATION: Supplier’s own advantages, such as customized services in product and packaging design, experience in cooperation with other large companies, etc.

ADDED VALUE: Whether cooperating with this supplier can save money, time, worry and effort, and can provide buyers with market research, sales strategies or problem-solving solutions;

In general, cooperation is mutual and a two-way choice. Long-term cooperation can only be achieved if both parties match each other.

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